‘The Mini-Split’ continued…

Finally completed the hallway ducted mini-split head (1 of 2 total).  Each head produces about 9000 btu’s with a peak of 11,ooo btu’s.  Remember, our house was modeled based on thermal envelop and heating load at only 11.5000 btu’s, so the 1 ton mini-split is more than sufficient to provide our heating needs.  We also designed the system so that it would be zoned – 1 head (ducted) that runs the length of the hallway with 1 supply register into each bedroom and an additional head (wall mounted) that supplies the main living area and kitchen.  The beauty in this, is that the homeowner can call for heating/ cooling depending on which section of the house they will be occupying. i.e. – at night, they can heat or cool the bedrooms as they sleep and moderate the temperature in the living room/ kitchen and vice versa during the daytime hours.  It is a much more efficient way to provide comfort and obviously is considerably less wasteful by not conditioning rooms that are not occupied!

Wall mount head – Kitchen/ Living/ Dining supply

Mini-Split ducted head and Return air

Mini-Spit duct – Hallway run and feeds

Ducted head line-set and condensation drain

Mini-Split ducted head access for service (through bedroom wall)

Condensation drain feeds to Utility Room washer discharge

Framed hallway ductwork (pre-drywall)

Framed ceiling beneath ducting for drywall finish

Supply boot to bedroom from main duct

Mini-Split access through bedroom

Line-set(s) connected

Line set(s) connection at unit

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