Mini-Split & ERV ducting complete

Round two on HVAC Mini-Split post….   Hallway ceiling ductwork for mini-split head #1 complete.  As most of you following this blog, especially the HVAC portion of the build, are wondering, how do you keep a home comfortable with such a small amount of supply air being provided in the home.  Trust me, it was a big concern for me also.  We essentially have only 1 supply duct feeding each bedroom and a wall mounted head supplying the kitchen, dining and living areas.  What we didn’t want was hot or cold spots in the home.  It starts with high levels of insulation in the thermal envelope to reduce heat loss through the wall system.  Second, is controlling distribution, or air flow, through each room.  The mini-split system is essentially the same as a traditional forced air ducted system, supply and return, but on a much smaller scale.  In addtition to what the mini-split provides in air flow, we also felt the ERV would provide a good mix of air movement by ducting each of the same rooms as the mini-split.  That said, each room has a heat supply duct and an ERV (fresh air) supply duct.  We placed them on opposite ends of each room so that the air would mix as it’s being provided.  The return air for the mini-split head will be in the hallway drawing from the entire house.  The ERV return air pulls from the kitchen and bathroom (rooms with the highest concentration of poor air quality).  In the end, we feel the house will be comfortable no matter where you are located!

Ducted mini-split supply – 5/21/12

Bedroom Supply register – 5/21/12

ERV 4″ Bedroom Supply Air -5/21/12

Bathroom ERV return air – 5/21/12

Kitchen ERV return air – 5/21/12

ERV Ducting – 5/21/12

Bathroom, Kitchen Range & ERV exhaust (outside) – 5/21/12

Hallway view of Rough-in Mini-split head line-set – 5/21/12

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