Insulation & Air Sealing

OK….  This is slightly complicated, but I’m going to try and cover all the steps we use to perform air sealing and insulation in one.  My preferred method of air sealing is using the OSB sheathing on the exterior wall and ceiling drywall above as my air barrier.  This said, it is important to seal all connections between floor plates, vertical stud to sheathing connections and wall partitions/penetration in the ceiling.  The best way to approach this is by drawing an imaginary line all around the perimeter of the home and seal all known areas of leakage in this plane.  My system is a bit redundant, because I also use an airtight drywall approach when installing drywall (continuous perimeter adhesive application around walls, windows & doors) as drywall is being installed.

Air Leakage Diagram – Building Science Corp

Air Sealing Detail OSB – Building Science Corp

Sealing begins with using a high quality silicone or acoustical caulk along all bottom plate, king & jack studs, and double top plate.  I then ‘picture frame’ the stud cavities with closed cell spray foam.  Finally all the partitions and penatrations in  the attic are sealed with closed cell foam to give me a continuous air barrier on all six sides of the home.

Bottom Plate Cault & CC foam cavity

Electrical Outlets sealed

Wall cavity sealed – Picture framed Closed Cell foam

Cathedral wall air sealing

JM Spider 1.8# blown fiberglass

Bath Fan & Attic Baffles – Air Sealing

Ceiling Light fixture – Air Sealing

Ceiling Wall partitions – Air Sealing

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