HVAC – The ‘Mini-Split’!…

The big day is here!…  Mini-Split rough in has started!  It’s a bit difficult to tell without facial expressions being posted, but if you can imagine being 8 years old again on Christmas Eve and the level of anticipation you had, well that’s me.  This system was made for a high performance home, and that’s what we build.  The Fujitsu unit we are using is so effecient that for every 1 kw of electricity it consumes it produces 3.2 kw of heat (COP 3.2).  For those of you that are unfamiliar with what a mini-split heat pump is, imagine the heating/cooling unit you use when you stay at a hotel.  That wall mount thingy just under the window in your room controls both heating and cooling of that space.  It has the ability to heat or cool by pulling the heat out of the outside air (heating) or inside air (cooling).  The system we use is more centralized to support the entire home, but the concept is the same.  As metioned in earlier posts, our modeled heat load on this home is only at 11,500 btuH and the smallest forced air furnace available is 45,000 btuH, so the alternative was to find a smaller more efficient heating system – hence the mini-split.

This post will be long and in multiple segments, but hopefully educational on looking at alternative ways of heating homes!  Please ask questions by posting comments on this post if you have any and I will answer all that I can.

Fujitsu 1.5 ton mini-split

HSPF (Heating) 9.2 / SEER (Cooling) 17

Mini-split mounted

Mini-split mounting bracket

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