More Siding

Window installation completed, exterior doors are installed….  Time to start siding!

Once again, thank you to everyone that has contributed to this project in the last 5 weeks…..We’ve been making great progress and are currently on schedule to complete project as planned for the Deik family.  Dave and Stacie both have been a fixture at the jobsite putting in lots of hours and working full time jobs!

Furring strips are working perfect as backer for siding application.  We opted to use a 1×4 #2 grade pine for furring instead of a narrower furring strip to eliminate splits as we nailed.  It has worked well, eventhough costs are slightly higher for extra width material.  The rain screen at the foundation line is stapled to furring strips and serves two purposes; 1. to allow moisture to drain from behind siding, and 2. to prevent bugs from nesting between strips behind siding.


Siding – 5/3/12

Siding – 5/3/12

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