Indoor Air Quality starts at Rough-in!

As part of our indoor air quality focus, we begin with quality ventilation exhaust fans in both the bath and garage….  Garage???…  Yes, the garage.  An attached garage can be the single highest concentration of polluted air in the entire home.  What most people don’t realize is that the air pressure inside your attached garage is generally higher then the air pressure inside your home, so when you open the door between the garage and home, a vacuum occurs and pulls very poor air from the garage directly into the space you will be breathing from!….  Walk around the inside of your garage and see what you have in there…  paint cans, fertilizers, gas cans, lawn mowers, vehicles (off gasing occurs even after you shut a car off), etc.  Not the quality of air you want your family breathing!

How do you fix?….  Install a high quality bath fan, with either a motion sensor or directly connect to your garage door opener, that will activate when you enter and run for 15+ minutes after activating.  This will reverse the air pressure from the house to the garage..    It is also important at this stage of the build to properly air seal the common wall between the house and garage so that garage air does not infiltrate the home through gaps & cracks.

Garage ventilation – 5/15/12

Garage Exhaust fan – 5/10/12

Garage Wall air seal & Insulate – 5/10/12

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