Electrical Rough-in Complete!

Electrical rough-in has been completed and inspected this week.  We opted for a larger service panel on this project (150amp vs. 100amp) to support the all electric heating & cooling mini-split system.  We also pre-wired this project for future Solar PV panels by running conduit into the attic space with terminating at a junction box and feeding back to service panel.  If and when Solar PV is added, the inverters (DC to AC current) can be placed next to the service panel and PV meter can be installed on the exterior next to the ulility service meter – reducing costs for install.

The PV pre-wire conduit is on the right side of the panel next to the stud.

Electrical Service Panel – 5/9/12

Solar PV pre-wire

Air sealing is also complete on all electrical penetrations through the top plate of all interior and exterior walls.  Most of these penetrations will be redundently air sealed when we spray foam the tops of the walls in the attic during insulation.

Electical air seal – 5/9/12

Electrical air seal – 5/9/12

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