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As with every project we do, I am always surprised by an outstanding local subcontractor, supplier or volunteer group that steps up and contributes in a big way.  On this project the list is too long to mention, and I sincerely thank all that have helped up to this point.  One subcontractor in particular is Mills Roofing.  We were in need of a good roofer on this project (as we do on all of them) and Mills stepped in.  They are a certified installer of CertainTeed roofing products and donated 100% of their labor on this project.  The bonus is, this is the first roofing contractor I’ve used that is part of the CertainTeed Complete system.  The program gives us a 30 year warranty on materials AND labor.

CertainTeed Complete Roofing System

CertainTeed Roofing Complete

Our windows are a Pella Encompass dual pane single hung with a LowE2 coating and Argon fill (U-0.28 SHGC-0.39). Pella passed on a very generous discount for our project. In the end, this is the most energy efficient dual pane window I’ve used on a project and was priced the least!

On all our window openings we start by installing a piece of 8″ beveled cedar siding on our sill, and then wrap the sill with Dow Weathermate butyl flashing tape.  I find this system works better then plastic flashing pans by creating a slight slope to the exterior of the wall to control water WHEN the windows leak.  ALL windows will leak at some point in their lifespan, the goal is to manage that moisture when they do.

Window Detail – 4/30/12

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