Furring Strips!

Furring strips make so much sense on so many levels, but they are a giant pain in the !#@!  When your wall detail requires as much exterior insulation as this house, furring strips are the only option to properly fasten siding and trims.  The other benefit is that it allows your cladding to ‘breath’ properly – whether you’re using vinyl, fibercement, or wood.  We installed the first 2″ layer of foam on the house, as we have with others, by using a 3″ cap nail through the foam and sheathing and into the stud.  We then snapped chalk lines vertically to denote the stud for the 2nd layer of foam.  We applied furring strips, rain screen, and foam sheet by sheet on the second layer using a 6-3/4″ Simpson Strong-Tie screws (pancake head) every 24″ OC.  Took a fair amount of time, but served it’s purpose and created an exceptional exterior surface for our cladding and trims.

Exterior Foam – 4/23/12

Furring Strip & Rain Screen – 4/23/12

Furring Strip & Rain Screen – 4/28/12

Offset Ext Door Opening – 4/28/12

Ext Door Opening Detail – 4/28/12

House is making progress – 3 weeks in.  Rough plumbing is starting on the inside and windows are installed.  Will have more details on windows in the next post.

Framed Exterior – 4/28/12

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